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Managed Patching and Software Updates

Get peace of mind with reliable, secure, and transparent patch management and software updates.

Emergifi’s patching and software update services seamlessly update your computer assets, including software your organization relies on every day for secure computing. You operate your business without interruption and receive reliability and security of constant monitoring and management.

What are the risks of not updating your credit union's software?

  • Maintenance costs – PCs older than four years can potentially cost 1.5 times more in repairs and cost, on average, an additional $1,700 per year in total maintenance costs.
  • Security risk – More than 50% of small businesses have suffered a data breach or cyberattack, with costs averaging more than US $84,000 per breach.
  • Decreased productivity costs – PCs older than four years cause more than 2.1 times the increase in lost productivity (hours), costing, on average, $1,260 in lost productivity. Not to mention, older PCs can only run about five applications simultaneously without performance degradation, while newer PCs can easily run eight or more.
  • Limited performance – Devices over five years old are past their prime, performing 2.5 times slower, with three times less battery life, and wake up from sleep mode four times slower than new Windows 10 Pro devices.

Credit unions partner with Emergifi for:

  • Security – Your credit union’s computers receive seamless updates, an essential component for secure computing environment
  • Productivity – Your employees are more productive with optimized computers receiving the latest software fixes and improvements
  • Competitiveness – Your employees access the latest software features and capabilities with regular software updates
  • Compliance – Patching and software updates ensures compliance with best practices and regulations and reduces risk
  • Convenience – Our solution is a great alternative to, and replacement for, standard Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Just as new threats are constantly surfacing, so are the security measures to keep data secure, users safe, features current, and computers optimized. With many computers and software supporting your business, keeping up to date is a job that requires diligence. Emergifi provides credit unions IT managed services including security patches and software updates, so you can focus your time on your core business that provides value to your members.

Emergifi uses a four-step approach:

  1. Discovery – We will perform a discovery that finds all computers and services and gathers software details, and we will collaborate with you to define software update and patching policies such as patching scheduling, computer role group, or user groups
  2. Implementation – We will continually evaluate patches and updates, patch computers, and update software, including off-network devices
  3. Remote monitoring and management – Based on pre-determined patching policies and schedules, we manage updates to minimize business impact
  4. Audit and compliance – We send monthly reports for your audit, risk, and regulatory compliance needs

Emergifi's software patching as a service is available for Adobe, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Apple Safari, Foxit, Google Chrome, Microsoft 365, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java 6, Oracle Java 7, Oracle Java 8, Skype, Windows, and Zoom. Review the full third-party software patch listContact us for pricing and to schedule an implementation date.

Download a Copy of Emergifi's Patching and Software Updates Brochure