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Referral Partner Program

The Emergifi Referral Program provides an incentive for referring prospects to Emergifi.

Referrer Role

The referral partner is responsible for identifying an Emergifi information technology products or services client opportunity (warm lead) which results in an Emergifi product and services sale.  After the referral introduction, the Emergifi sales team will work with the prospect. 

After the referral, you are welcome to participate in the sales process.  Emergifi will provide opportunity updates during the sales process.


Emergifi will reimburse the referral partner for approved Emergifi co-marketing costs - emailing, web development, exhibits, advertising, etc.

What Qualifies

New clients, defined as any credit union that has not done business with the Emergifi.

Referral Incentive

The referral bonus pays a percentage of Emergifi product and services revenue for the first year.  After receiving the client payment, the referral bonus is paid to the referring organization.

Contact us to for more information or to become a Emergifi referral partner.