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Pandemic Preparedness

Emergifi is offering free services to ease transition to remote working environments for credit unions. Expediting technical education and adoption with focus on business process optimization, security, and team collaboration will be a value add to our members and non-members.  

Home Office Vulnerability Scans

Emergifi will perform external vulnerability scans of your remote workforce to identify cyber security vulnerabilities and exploits. Results of the assessment will be shared with you, helping your credit union identify and resolve vulnerabilities to strengthen your security footprint in these changing work environments.

Work from Home Enablement Assessment

Credit unions benefit from a flexible, nimble workforce. Digital transformation and cloud migration are demonstrating value currently. Emergifi is offering a strategic modern desktop assessment that enables anywhere, anytime, any device work.

Virtual CIO

A core offering of Emergifi, virtual CIO (vCIO) provides executive level presence with technical expertise, at a low-cost and on an as needed basis. Given the current crisis, Emergifi is offering vCIO time to credit unions for purposes of assessing existing capabilities in the current context. When innovative opportunities are identified, vCIO may work with the credit union to perform an ROI exercise to be used as part of a technology roadmap. 

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